The Big Bang Theory Cast Members Before and After They Hit It Big


2007 was the year The Big Bang Theory exploded onto TV screens. Since the sitcom’s premiere on CBS, it has been seen outside the US such as UK, Asia, and the rest of the world. A spin-off series is already in the works the focus of which would be the life of Young Sheldon. But have you ever wondered how the cast of The Big Bang Theory looked when they were young? What were they like before they found themselves in a hit TV show? Wonder no more and start reading. Find out for yourself where its cast members have been before they came onto the show, and discover what they are doing now.

Kunal Nayyar – Then

London-born Kunal Nayyar belongs to a Punjabi family. He was raised in New Delhi, India and attended St Columba’s School. As a young boy, he joined the school’s badminton team. He later moved to the US in 1999 in order to pursue what highly likely the family expected of him: a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He enrolled in the University of Portland. While finishing his degree, he decided to take acting classes. He also appeared in a few plays. When he participated in the American College Theater Festival, he was adamant to be a professional actor. He then pursued his real love: acting. He enrolled in Philadelphia’s Temple University where he acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting.

Kunal Nayyar – Now

Fast forward a few years later and Nuyyal found himself working in American television commercials as well as doing plays in London. On TV, he played an Iraqi terrorist in NCIS. When his agent heard that a CBS pilot is looking for someone to play a scientist, he was encouraged to go to the audition. The rest is history. Since playing the role of astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory, Nuyyal has since married Miss India, and voiced acted in the movie Ice Age 3. He also published a book about his acting journey. Nuyyal is also set to lend his voice in the upcoming Pixar’s animated film Cars 3.

Jim Parsons – Then

Native Texan Jim Parsons got the acting bug as early as age six when he appeared on stage in a school production of The Elephant’s Child. He played the role of a Kola-Kola bird. But it was during his junior year when he understood that acting was what he was meant to do. He credits a role he did in the play Noises Off, while he was attending Klein Oak High School, as the moment he understood what being honest on stage is. Since then, he decided to be an actor. Parsons credits 80’s sitcoms such as The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Three’s Company as those which heavily influenced his craft.

Jim Parsons – Now

Jim Parsons reportedly auditioned for almost thirty television pilots but, as luck would have it, every time he was cast, no TV network wanted to purchase the show. But his fate changed when he auditioned for the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Since playing the role of Sheldon Copper, Parsons has received four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for being an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2014, Parsons was guaranteed $1,000,000 for each episode. He is also set to receive a percentage of the earnings of the show. This year, he wed the love of his life, fellow actor Todd Spiewak.

Kaley Cuoco – Then

Born in California, the young Kaley Cuoco played tennis when she was three years old and was a regionally ranked amateur tennis player. Unfortunately, she decided to stop playing tennis when she was 16. Fortunately, she decided to go into acting. Her breakthrough role was as Bridget in the ABC Sitcom titled 8 Simple Rules. The show ran from 2005 to 2008. She also appeared in the final season of Charmed as Billie Jenkins. Cuoco is the daughter of an English and German mother, and an Italian realtor father. Cuoco’s first film role was in 1995’s Virtuosity as a young Karin Carter.

Kaley Cuoco – Now

Since playing Penny in the Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco now earns a million dollars per episode. She was also in a string of relationships that are too many to mention. She also starred in a Lifetime movie, performed a minor role in Prisonbreak, and was seen in the horror spoof Killer Movie. She similarly appeared in the 2010 movie The Penthouse. Her other film credits include The Last Ride, and Hop. She also hosted the Teen Choice Awards as well as The People’s Choice Awards. This year, Kaley founded Yes, Norman productions – a film and TV production company with a multi-year production deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Johnny Galecki – Then

Born in Bree, Belgium, Galecki’s parents are of Irish, Italian, and Polish descent. He described his mother as loving but tough. Galecki claims his mother would tell him, “I love you, now get out”. His TV debut was in the CBS miniseries shown in 1987: Murder: Ordained. He was also in 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. His most popular role was as David Healy in the ABC-produced sitcom Roseanne. The show ran from 1992 to 1997 and saw Galecki paired with his future Big Bang Theory co-star Sara Gilbert. He also was seen in an episode in the 1991 sitcom Blossom where he played opposite another Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik

Johnny Galecki – Now

Since playing the role of Leonard in the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Galecki now earns a million dollars per episode. He also was seen in the 2008 comedy Hancock where he starred with Jason Bateman and Will Smith. He also appeared in Entourage as a parodied version of his celebrity self. Galecki is also set to reprise his role in a revival of the 90’s sitcom Roseanne. The eight-part mini-series will see him play David. Currently, Galecki is an owner of 360 acres of land located in Santa Margarita, California. His vast property houses a quaint log cabin and a vineyard.

Melissa Rauch- Then

Born to a Jewish family in New Jersey’s Marlboro Township, Melissa Rauch’s interest in acting began when she was only in high school. The acting bug bit her when she was studying in Marlboro High School. She later graduated from New York’s Marymount Manhattan College in 2002. Prior to being in the Big Bang Theory, Rauch worked as a regular contributor to the VH1 TV show, Best Week Ever. She also appeared in season 1’s Kath and Kim where she played the role of Tina. In 2007, she was also seen in 12 MIles of Bad Road as Bethany. She appeared in three episodes during its season 1 run. She also wrote a 90-minute entry to the New York International Fringe Festival, The Miss Education of Jenna Bush, with her co-writer Tom Wutjunik.

Melissa Rauch- Now

Rauch’s inspiration for her squeaky high-pitched voice in The Big Bang Theory is from her parents. Her authentic voice is drastically different from her TV show one. Since appearing in The Big Bang Theory as Bernadette, initially as a recurring role, she was later promoted to become a regular in the series. She was also nominated, along with the rest of the Big Bang Theory cast, for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series award by the Screen Actors Guild. Rauch also starred in, as well as co-wrote and co-produced, The Bronze. A movie about a gymnast who is desperately clinging to her days of being a bronze winner. The film opened 2015’s Sundance Film festival. She co-wrote the movie with her husband. This year, she voiced Harley Quinn in the animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn.

Mayim Bialik- Then

Mayim Bialik was a cute child actress when she was first seen in the horror movie Pumpkinhead. She later appeared in the sitcoms, The Facts of Life, as well as the series Beauty and the Beast. Born to parents with Polish and Hungarian descent, Mayim had her own sitcom even before she became part of The Big Bang Theory. She starred as Blossom from 1991 to 1995. Her name comes from a mispronunciation of her great-grandmother’s name, Miriam. Mayim, in Hebrew, also means “water”. Mayim also played a young Bette Midler in the 1988 movie Beaches. She was also seen in Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl video.

Mayim Bialik- Now

Mayim’s role in The Big Bang Theory echoes her real life situation. In the show, she plays Dr Amy Fowler, a neuroscientist. In real life, Mayim completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience and later pursued a doctorate in neurosicience in UCLA. Since appearing in The Big Bang Theory, Mayim has been nominated for an Emmy award four times for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She also won the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award from the Critic’s Choice Television. She recently received backlash for stating that she “dressed modestly and didn’t act flirtatiously” to protect herself from sexual harassment. One response came from fellow actress Patricia Arquette who tweeted that she wasn’t dressed provocatively at age 12 when she walked home from school and men masturbated in front of her. In response, Mayim participated in a Facebook Live event hosted by The New York Times to explain her statement.

Simon Helberg- Then

This Jerry Seinfeld-look-a-like is actually The Big Bang Theory cast member Simon Helberg when he was young. Born to actor Sandy Helberg and casting director Harriet, Simon attended Tisch School of the Arts in New York University to train at the Atlantic Theater Company. Prior to appearing on The Big Bang Theory, Helberg has been performing comedy since the early 2000. He was part of the web series comedy duo Derek & Simon. He also joined MADtv in 2002. His film role in the 2002 movie Van Wilder, where he played a geeky student, seemed to foreshadow his similarly geeky character in the Big Bang Theory. He was also seen in the Hillary Duff starrer A Cinderella Story. He uttered one line in the George Clooney starrer Good Night and Good Luck.

Simon Helberg- Now

Since appearing in The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg has won the Best Supporting Actor in A Comedy Series award given by Critics’ Choice Television. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role as Cosme McMoon in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins.The 2016 Stephen Frears-directed movie saw Helberg perform with premiere actress Meryl Streep and British thespian Hugh Grant. He is able to manage his acting career with his personal life as he and his wife, fellow actor Jocelyn Towne, is caring for their little bundle of joy, Adeline, who was born in 2012. They later had a son in 2014.

Kevin Sussman- Then

Before actor Kevin Sussman was seen in The Big Bang Theory, he first appeared in the ABC drama Ugly Betty as Betty’s admirer and boyfriend. Sussman has four siblings. All of them are raised in a Jewish family. He graduated from Manhattan’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Prior to that, he went to the College of Staten Island. He took acting seriously that he studied with famed teacher Uta Hagen. His film credits include 1999’s Liberty Heights. He also had a role in 2000’s Almost Famous playing the character of Lenny. He was also in 2001’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence playing the role of Supernerd.

Kevin Sussman- Now

Kevin Sussman has similarly appeared on a slew of TV shows after The Big Bang Theory. He has been seen in the 2010 episode of The Mentalist. He was in two episodes of The Good Guys, and in one episode of Children’s Hospital.He was also in three episodes of Weeds in 2012. Currently, Sussman is enjoying his regular stint in The BigBang Theory as Stuart Bloom, the gang’s favorite comic book store owner. However, he is somewhat unsatisfied with his trailer. He posted a picture of his 90’s inspired trailer filled with old-school amenities. Though he claims he is used to his trailer’s amenities, he does wish it would be a tad upgraded to 2017 standards.


John Ross Bowie – Then

This English major from Ithaca College who gives off a vibe of being a poor man’s version of Ben Affleck is of Scots-Irish descent. Prior to appearing on The Big Bang Theory, John Ross Bowie was seen in the 2000 movie Road Trip as a Waiter. He was also in 2004’s Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story where he played the character of Benjamin. He also played the role of Elliot in What the Bleep Do We Know!? He followed it up with Life of the Party in 2005, and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause in 2006. The following year he was the Cute Guy who spewed out food in the 2007 movie Because I Said So. He played the role of Dr. Clark Teddescoe in 2008’s Sex Drive. In 2009, he played a Wiccan in He’s Just Not That Into You.

John Ross Bowie – Now

Since playing the character of Barry Kripke in The Big Bang Theory, John Ross Bowie has also gone on to do other roles on TV. He was seen as Jimmy DiMeo in 2016’s Speechless. He was also seen on Glee and Curb your Enthusiasm. In 2011, he appeared in a slew of commercials for the Ford Motor Company. He is also a regular member of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater where he performs sketch comedy with fellow comedians Seth Morris, Rob Corddry, and Brian Huskey. Along with fellow Big Bang Theory actor Kevin Sussman, they created TV comedies The Ever After Part, as well as The Second Coming of Rob. Being an English major,, he wrote a book about the cult movie Heathers.

Sara Gilbert – Then

Before Sara Gilbert was seen in The Big Bang Theory, she was first a child actress who appeared in movies and a slew of commercials. She did a Kool-Aid commercial, and later, at the age of 13, bagged the role of Roseanne’s sarcastic middle child Darlene, in the sitcom Roseanne. Gilbert was born in Santa Monica, California. Her mother is Barbara Cowan, the daughter of Harry Crane – the creator of the show The Honeymooners. Her siblings are also in the business. Her older sister, Melissa Gilbert, was in the Little House on the Prairie. While working on Roseanne, she managed to study and complete her Yale University degree with honors.

Sara Gilbert – Now

Despite her role as Leslie Winkle in The Big Theory, Sara Gilbert is still known for the character she played in the 1990’s sitcom Roseanne. She is set to reprise her role as the sarcastic middle child, Darlene, in a scheduled revival viewers will see in 2018. Eight episodes are lined up for the show. Gilbert, along with her Roseanne co-star as well as Big Bang Theory co-actor Johnny Galecki, will appear on the new Roseanne. Besides being busy with The Big Bang Theory, Gilbert also created and co-hosted the daytime talk show on CBS titled The Talk. She is also a mother to Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, a son she gave birth to in 2015 while married to her singer/wife Linda Perry.

Laura Spencer – Then

Oklahoma native Laura Spencer has a slew of film credits to her name besides being in a popular TV sitcom such as The Big Bang Theory. In 2009 she was seen as Wendy in the movie Barking Water. She also played the character of Laura in The Familiar. She was also seen as Laura in Nabot, and similarly proved her acting chops in The Rounder Comes to Town. She participated in a PSA for women in 2010. She also appeared in In The Land of Fireworks and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night in 2010. She also starred as Kimmy Jones in Mangus back in 2011, and as Brenda in Time Expired.

Laura Spencer – Now

Besides being known as Emily Sweeney on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Laura Spencer is also popular for playing the character of Jane Bennet in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – a web series shown in 2010 the concept of which was adapted from Pride and Prejudice. She was also seen through the entire 9th to 12th season of Bones as intern Jessica Warren. Spencer joined Bones to serve as Sweets’ love interest. She is also part of a women’s initiative in YouTube titled WIGS. Starting in 2012, Spencer joins other actresses such as Anna Paquin and Julia Stiles on the said online channel where it features short films with female leads.


Aarti Mann – Then

Before appearing in The Big Bang Theory, Arrti Mann wasn’t known as Aarti Mann. Her original name was Aarti Majumdar. When she got married, she abbreviated her last name thus the reason for Mann. Mann, who is of Bengali Hindu ancestry, appeared in numerous TV programs one of which is the sci-fi series Heroes. This second-generation Indian American was born to immigrant parents. Her family settled in Pennsylvania. later on, they moved to numerous places such as Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Mt Lebanon. Eventually, Mann’s family resided in Fox Chapel. Mann didn’t act in high school plays. However, she pursued a film writing and directing degree in New York University.

Aarti Mann – Now

Since Aarti Mann bagged the role of Priya Koothrappali in the Big Bang Theory, Mann has focused on continuously working on her goals. She achieved her objective of getting a recurring role on TV. Now, Mann aims to work behind the camera. However, she is still savoring the process of performing. She loves the “being in the moment” feeling that acting brings. Though Mann confessed she never watched The Big Bang Theory before she was cast in the show, she makes sure she plays her part simply. It is also the advice she received from the series’ creator Chuck Lorre – “Play it simply”. Currently, Mann is looking to also get a commercial gig due to its breezy and quick shoot, including its lucrative pay.

Kate Micucci – Then

Before actress, songwriter, singer, and comedian Kate Micucci was seen on The Big Bang Theory, she was half of the duo Garfunkel and Oates. Her first TV exposure was in Scrubs as Stephanie Gooch. She similarly played the role of Shelley in the series Raising Hope. This New Jersey native is proud of her Italian ancestry. She later lived in Pennsylvania in the state’s Lehigh Valley. She was taught classical piano by her mother. She eventually graduated from Nazareth Area High School alongside rock musician Jordan White. She further pursued Fine Arts in Keystone College, Pennsylvania, as well as a Bachelors in Studio Art from Los Angeles’ Loyola Marymount University.

Kate Micucci – Now

Since Kate Micucci bagged the role of Lucy – Raj’s date in season six of The Big Bang Theory – Micucci has since appeared in a slew of shows. Currently, she voices the character of Sadie in the series Steven Universe. She also plays the role of Sara Murphy in the animated series Milo Murphy’s Law. She is also cast as Daisy in the Canadian-American series Nature Cat. The new Duck Tales series will let Micucci’s fans see and most specially hear her voice. In 2016, Micucci was seen in the Netflix comedy-drama series Easy where she stars along with Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman.

Alice Amter – Then

Before Alice Amter was cast as Mrs Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory, she was first known as Alice Edwards. This English actress was raised in Handsworth prior to moving to Rubery, and Leamington Spa. She later spent some time in a children’s home located in Warwick New Road. Cared for by her single mother of German descent, Amter claims she has no Indian ancestry. She pursued Modern Languages and International Relations and thus earned a Bachelor of Arts from Wolverhampton University. She has lived in Germany, France, England, US, and Japan. She could also speak Japanese, German, French, Spanish thus earning her the title of “The Chameleon”.

Alice Amter – Now

Currently, Alice Amter just finished wrapping up Smothered by Mothers. A 2017 film about a football star who loses all his money, including his relatives’ money, due to a Ponzi scheme. The football star also becomes a father to three women all at the same time. Amter plays the role of Whitney Roth. She is also currently acting on Beyond the Badge, a TV series where she plays the role of Satsie. She can also be seen as a Doctor in the show Scandal. Last year, Amter played the role of Professor Moradi in NCIS: Los Angeles. She portrayed the role of Chitra Singh in the 2016 TV series Rosewood.

Bob Newhart – Then

The Big Bang Theory and its cast weren’t even alive when Bob Newhart was already making people laugh via his stand-up act, comedic monologues, and comedy albums. His unique deadpan humor combined with a stammering style of delivery earned him prominence. His album remains as the 20th best-selling in comedy history. The Bob Newhart show is a sitcom that ran for six seasons from 1972 to 1978. Newhart’s mother was Irish while his father was English, Irish, and German. He served in the US Army as a personnel manager during the Korean War until he was discharged in 1954. He attempted to pursue a degree in Loyola University Chicago School of Law but he never completed it.

Bob Newhart – Now

Bob Newhart’s appearance on The Big Bang Theory in the 2013 episode Committed earned him a Primetime Emmy Award. He was the year’s Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Loyola University Chicago also named a theater after him even if he wasn’t able to complete his law degree in that school. Currently, at 88 years old, he is slated to continue his role as Professor Proton or Arthur Jeffries in the upcoming sitcom Young Sheldon. The show is a spin-off and prequel to The Big Bang Theory. It will see a young Sheldon Cooper living in Texas with his family. Jim Parsons narrates the sitcom and also functions as the executive producer of the show.

Carol Ann Susi – Then

Carol Ann Susi is a Brooklyn native who used her Brooklyn accent to be believable in the role she was tasked to portray in The Big Bang Theory – the voice of Howard Wolowitz’s mother. Though she only did voice work for the show, her character became a solid part of the series. Prior to The Big Bang Theory, Susi was also seen in a slew of popular movies and TV. These include Coyote Ugly, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Seinfeld, That ‘70’s Show, Death Becomes Her, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Grey’s Anatomy, Cats & Dogs. Susi also has vast experience performing live in theatres. She also did voice work for a CSI: NY video game installment.

Carol Ann Susi – Now

Carol Ann Susi succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles, California. She was only 62 years old. The Big Bang Theory portrayed her death in the episode The Comic Book Store Regeneration. It sees the character of Howard (played by Simon Helberg) learn that his mother Debbie (Carol Ann Susi) died in her sleep while vacationing in Florida. Susi was a veteran actress. Her cancer was discovered during a medical procedure. Upon the discovery of her cancer, Susi’s condition quickly deteriorated. The cast and crew were informed of Susi’s death by the series creator Chuck Lorre during the shoot of one of the show’s episodes.

Will Wheaton – Then

Before Will Wheaton played a fictionalized version of himself in The Big Bang Theory, he was already famous for playing the role of Wesley Crusher in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was also well known for appearing in the film Stand By Me as Gordie Lachance. He was also seen in the movie Toy Soldiers as Joey Trotta. Besides film, Wheaton had recurring TV roles. Primarily, he did voice acting for a slew of animated TV shows. He was Aqualad in the series Teen Titans. He also did voice work for Legion of Super Heroes as Cosmic Boy. In the Ben 10 series, Wheaton gave life to the character Mike Morningstar/Darkstar. He similarly created a board game show on YouTube called TableTop.

Will Wheaton – Now

Besides appearing on The Big Bang Theory, Will Wheaton has been seen in a slew of TV shows. He was in 2015’s Dark Matter. He also played the role of Conrad Moody in the 2016, season two episode of Powers. This year, he was also seen as Drake in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Reptilicus. He also played himself two times in the shows Bill Nye Saves The World and Whose Line Is It Anyway. Most recently, Wheaton received a lot of backlash when he tweeted about the Texas shooting victims. His post was in response to a tweet by House Speaker Paul Ryan about “The people of Sutherland Springs (needing) our prayers right now.” Wheaton responded, “(if) prayers did anything, they’d still be alive.” He added, “ worthless sack of sh–”.

Christine Baranski – Then

This Buffalo, New York native plays Dr. Beverly Hofstadter in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory. Before appearing on the sitcom, Baranski has already won Tony Awards for a slew of Broadway productions. She was seen on 1984’s The Real Thing and in 1989’s Rumors. She has also won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1995 for playing the character of Maryanne Thorpe in the 90’s sitcom Cybill. Baranski is of Polish descent. Her grandparents similarly performed in Polish theatre. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Juillard School during the 1970’s. Her other film credits include 1993’s Addams Family Values and Bowfinger, 2000’s Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and 2002’s Chicago. She also appeared in the Meryl Streep starrer Mamma Mia!

Christine Baranski – Now

Besides playing a psychiatrist and the mother of Leonard in The Big Bang Theory, Christine Baranski also played a lawyer and top litigator in the TV series The Good Wife from 2009 to 2016. Her role in The Good Wife garnered her consistent nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for the entire series’ six seasons. She was also seen in Ugly Betty back in 2009 as the intimidating mother of Betty’s new boyfriend. Currently, she is appearing in a series spin-off of The Good Wife. The new series, The Good Fight, aired this year and sees Baranski joining a different law firm after she was forced to go back to work. The new season of The Good Fight is set to air this coming 2018. She will also be seen in the movie A Bad Moms Christmas this 2017.

Brian Thomas Smith – Then

Before playing the recurring character of dumb but sweet Zack Johnson in The Big Bang Theory, Brian Thomas Smith also guested on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. He also appeared on Fear Factor as well as in season 7 of The Amazing Race. In the race, he was seen with his younger sibling Greg. The brothers ended up in the sixth place of the race as they got into a car accident in the sixth leg forcing them to catch up in a footrace. Brian is a Central Missouri State University graduate who was a sketch comedy troupe member of The Exploding Pajamas. Besides TV, he also appeared in a slew of commercials such as Coors Light, Heineken, State Farm, Pizza Hut, Audi, Burger King, Chevrolet, Honda, and Applebee’s.

Brian Thomas Smith – Now

Currently, Brian Thomas Smith is slated to return to The Big Bang Theory. Specifically, he will be seen in this season’s ninth episode titled The Bitcoin Entanglement. The episode will see Sheldon take a mild revenge on the guys after they did not include him in a lucrative Bitcoin investment. A sub-episode also shows an old video that will reveal a secret about the relationship of Penny and Leonard. Highly likely, these turn of events will usher in the entrance of Brian Thomas smith’s character Zack – who also plays Penny’s past boyfriend. Apparently, the virtual Bitcoin currency was found by the gang in a laptop once owned by Zack. Besides TV, Smith is also wrapping up work in the movie Big Muddy where he plays the character of Bo Bartlett. He was also seen in 2016’s The Wedding Party as Colt.

Brian Posehn – Then

Before Brian Posehn was seen on The Big Bang Theory as a character named Bert, he has already appeared on a slew of shows on TV. Besides being an actor, Posehn is also a musician, comedian, voice actor, and writer. His most popular role was as Jim Kuback on The Mission Hill. He also appeared on The Sarah Silverman Program as Brian Spukowski. In the 1990’s, he was seen on more than twenty episodes of the HBO sketch comedy series Mr Show with Bob and David. He similarly appeared on Friends when he gave the character of Joey Tribbiani a manuscript for when Tribbiani’s soap opera character is killed off. He was also in Seinfeld as the patient during the time the character of Kramer got gonorrhea.

Brian Posehn – Now

While waiting to get back into The Big Bang Theory, Brian Posehn co-wrote the ongoing Deadpool comic series which is part of the Marvel NOW! universe along with Gerry Duggan. Launched in 2012, the series lasted for 45 issues and ended in 2015. He also hosted Nerd Poker, a podcast which sees comedians play the popular Dungeons & Dragons game. His fellow co-hosts include Gerry Dugan, his fellow comic book writer, and Blaine Capatch. Besides acting, he also lends his voice to various animated series. He is Lobster Claws in two episodes of 2015’s Star vs The Forces of Evil. He also played various roles in four episodes of 2015’s W/ Bob and David. He also played the role of Sebastian in 2016’s pilot episode of Lady Dynamite. His most recent voice acting gig was for The Simpsons in the episode A Father’s Watch where he played the role of Dumlee.

Stephen Hawking – Then

Before theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking appeared on The Big Bang Theory as himself, he has been busy working on gravitational singularity theorems. He was also predicting that black holes emitted radiation. He also worked on a theory of cosmology. Before Hawking ever thought of physics, he first lived with his eccentric family who had meals while each member was reading a book. His family also traveled in a converted London cab. The family lived frugally in a house that is large but poorly maintained and cluttered. Hawking also serves as a Director of Research in University of Cambridge’s Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.

Stephen Hawking – Now

Stephen Hawking appeared on The Big Bang Theory as himself – a wheelchair rolling scientist who the gang was initially afraid to offend as there was a toy version of him being brandished around by the character of Howard (played by Simon Helberg). Eventually, Hawking himself dismissed the offensiveness of the toy when he wished, while Skyping with the character of Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons), that “a motorized toy” of him would be “cool”. Currently, Hawking has declared in a Cambridge University event that the earth is becoming too small for humanity, and that everyone is “in danger of self-destructing”. To add to the pessimist tone of his opinion, he also says he is not at all optimistic about “the long term outlook for our species”.

Pamela Adlon – Then

Before becoming the voice of Baby Halley in The Big Bang Theory, Pamela Adlon has appeared in a slew of TV and film roles. She won an Emmy for being the voice of Bobby Hill on the animated TV series King of the Hill. She also voice acted on the animated series Recess as Ashley Spinelli. Her early film work includes 1982’s Grease 2. She was also in the series, Californication. She similarly acted, wrote and produced with Louis CK for the series Louie. This New New York native is the daughter of The Today Show producer Don Segall. She started doing voice work at a young age of 9 in a radio studio for his father’s friend.

Pamela Adlon – Now

It was in 2016 when Pamela Adlon voiced Baby Halley on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Most recently, Adlon released a statement with regards to her friend and collaborator Louis CK. When the latter admitted to committing sexual misconduct, Adlon expressed her devastation and shock at CK’s admission of “abhorrent behavior”. She also expresses deep sorrow and empathy for those who came forward as victims of CK’s misconduct. Adlon adds that she is in grief and is processing her emotions. Adlon and Louis CK have collaborated on numerous projects. CK co-wrote with Adlon on her own show Better Things. She was also a recurring character on CK’s show Louie. She similarly co-starred with him in the short-lived HBO sitcom Lucky Louie.

Mark Harelik – Then

Before playing the role of Dr. Eric Gablehauser in The Big Bang Theory, Mark Harelik has been a staple of both film, TV and theater. Born to Russian Jewish grandparents, Harelik has appeared in a slew of movies such as Jurassic Park III, and Election. He also did voice work for The Swan Princess. On TV, he has been seen in Seinfeld, Grace Under Fire, Wings, NCIS, Will & Grace, Bones, Boy Meets World, and Breaking Bad. He similarly was seen in the finale of the long-running sitcom Cheers. Harelik also wrote a play back in 1985. The Immigrant is based on the life of Harelik’s own grandfather who immigrated to Texas in 1909. He also co-wrote another play, Hank Williams: Lost Highway, with Randal Myler.

Mark Harelik – Now

Mark Harelik appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of The Big Bang Theory. His most recent TV appearance is as a bearded actor in an infomercial in the series Preacher. If he is not seen on TV, Harelik is busy with theatre work. He once appeared in the musical The Light in the Piazza. He was also in the 1989 play Temptations. Currently, a musical play written by Harelik, Lost Highway, has completed being cast and has been performed in Vero Beach, Florida. It finished its run this November 2017. Last year, Harelik worked with Annette Bening in San Francisco for the one-night only reading of Dear Liar by Jerome Kilty.


Regina King – Then

Before Regina King played Janine Davis in The Big Bang Theory – The Human Resources administrator in Caltech – she has been seen in a slew of TV shows and film roles. She is popular for her role in NBC’s 227 as well as in the series Southland. She was also seen in 24, Shameless, Leap of Faith, and The Strain. In film, she appeared in Jerry Maguire, Legally Blonde 2, Poetic Justice, This Christmas, Miss Congeniality, and Daddy Day Care. Born in Ohio, King went to the University of Southern California. She was married to Ian Alexander in 1997 but divorced a decade later.

Regina King – Now

If Regina King is not seen on The Big Bang Theory, she is busy doing other roles. Currently, she is set to be in a movie to be directed by Oscar winner Barry Jenkins titled If Beale Street Could Talk. She is also considered an in-demand director. She directed a 2013 episode of Southland, ABC’s Scandal, as well as The Catch. Her hand is also seen on Being Mary Jane. She similarly helmed Fox’s Pitch. She also directed OWN’s Greenleaf. She also directed Shameless for the Showtime network. Her most current project is slated to be the NBC family drama This is Us. The second season of the said series starts this September.

Alessandra Torresani – Then

Before Alessandra Torresani was seen on The Big Bang Theory as the character of Claire, a bartender with dreams of becoming a screenwriter, she was already known for portraying the character of Zeo Graystone in the series Caprica. Born in Palo Alto, California, Torresani’s mother was a CEO while her dad worked and ran start-up tech firms. She was only eight years old when she bagged a job conducting interviews between numerous cartoons on the WB TV network. She was also seen in Going to the Mat, a Disney Channel original movie. Other TV credits include Arrested Development, Malcolm in the Middle, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Alessandra Torresani – Now

When Alesandra Torresani is not in The Big Bang Theory, she is seen doing other works. Most recently, she will be seen in Step Sisters, a Charles Stone III comedy film purchased by Netflix and is set to be launched in 2018. The film will be exclusively seen on Netflix and will have no theatrical release. Torresani will also be seen in Car Dogs, a movie about a sales manager looking to sell 35 cars before the day ends – as doing so will allow him to run his own dealership. Torresani plays the character of Cheri – a sassy student interested to purchase a car from the sales manager.

Pasha D. Lychnikoff – Then

Before Pavel Lychnikoff was seen in The Big Bang Theory in 2012 as Howard’s (played by Simon Helberg) cosmonaut Russian crewmate Dimitri Rezinov, he was first a TV, voice, film, and theater actor in Russia. This Moscow-born thespian studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. It was during the 1990’s when he moved to the US, specifically Los Angeles. He was seen in the HBO series Deadwood as telegraph operator Blazanov. He also portrayed a Russian gangster, Vadim Youchenko, in the film Trade. He has also written and directed a play that was nominated in five categories at the California Ovation Award.

Pasha D. Lychnikoff – Now

After playing Dimitri Rezinov in The Big Bang Theory back in 2012, where he shared space with Howard (played by Simon Helberg) inside a Soyuz capsule and continuously called Howard fruit loops – in reference to the cereal Howard described was fed to him by his mother – Pasha D. Lychnikoff was later seen in 2016’s Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich as the character of Major Aleksandr Kulkov. This coming 2018, he will be seen in the film Siberia as the character of Boris Volkov. On TV, expect Pasha to be seen in Showtime’s Ray Donovan. He is set to portray the character of Ivan Belikov who is wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Margo Harshman – Then

Before playing the role of doctoral student and Sheldon Cooper’s assistant, Alex Jensen, on The Big Bang Bang Theory, Margo Harshman was first seen as Tawny Dean on Even Stevens, a series shown on the Disney Channel. Born in San Diego, California, Harshman entered a beauty pageant when she was only two years old, thanks to the efforts of her grandmother. By the age of three, she is into gymnastics and dance. At the young age of five, she studied piano. She started to act when she was eight years old. She studied high school in Orange County’s Foothill High.

Margo Harshman – Now

When not portraying the role of doctoral student Alex Jensen being relegated to do menial tasks by Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons), Margo Harshman plays the role of wheelchair-bound Delilah Fielding in the series NCIS. Harshman has been in NCIS since 2013. Most recently, her character will give birth to twins and her character will be required to be rushed to the hospital three weeks early than her scheduled delivery. In the series, Harshman works for the Department of Defense. She is also the wife of NCIS officer Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray).

Sara Rue – Then

Before Sara Rue played the role of surgical resident – and one of the ex-girlfriends of Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) – Dr Stephanie Barnett, she first appeared on TV as a young Roseanne Barr in the sitcom Roseanne. Both parents of this New York native were active in Broadway theatre. At the young age of nine, she was seen in the 1988 movie Rocket Gibraltar as the daughter of Kevin Spacey’s character. Her other TV credits include the reality series Shedding for the Wedding. She was also seen in ER, Can’t Hardly Wait, Gypsy 83, Idiocracy, and Phenom. Director Michael Bay specially wrote a role for her in the movie Pearl Harbor.

Sara Rue – Now

After her three-episode stint in The Big Bang Theory, Sara Rue’s most recent work is in the Hallmark Channel movie, All for Love. In it she plays the role of Jo Parker – a romance novelist suffering from poor sales of her books. The story sees her finding romance while trying to find material for her next book – both of which will help get her creative juices to start flowing. Rue is forced to go to Bootcamp in order to get her facts straight for her next book: SEALed with a Kiss. She is trained by Navy Seal Colin Shaw (played by Steve Bacic). Besides the Hallmark movie, Rue also plays a recurring role in Bones as Karen Delfs from 2016 to 2017.

Brian Patrick Wade – Then

Before Brian Patrick Wade was seen on The Big Bang Theory, he first appeared as a muscled hunk performing a lap dance on the TV series CSI: Miami. He later achieved film credit in the movies The Guardian and Latter Days. He is also popular for portraying the role of Alpha Werewolf Ennis on the TV series Teen Wolf. His TV appearances are a plenty. He followed up his performances with roles in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Two and a Half Men, NCIS Las Vegas, The Closer, Surface, and The Game. He was also seen as Carl Crusher Creel or The Absorbing Man, in three episodes of the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Brian Patrick Wade – Then

Brian Patrick Wade appeared on three episodes of The Big Bang Theory. He was in the series’ Pilot and in The Middle Earth Paradigm episode. He was also in The Financial Permeability episode. Brian Patrick Wade was also a celebrity trainer. He got married to an equally buff and fit Jill – a nutritionist and competitive bodybuilder. After appearing on The Big Bang Theory, Wade gave an impressive performance in the HBO mini-series Generation Kill. The series saw him play the role of Capt. Craig Schwetje or Encino Man. He later followed this gig with an equally action-packed series titled Teen Wolf.

Joshua Malina – Then

Before appearing as President Siebert on The Big Bang Theory, Joseph Malina was first seen portraying the role of Will Bailey on The West Wing. He also portrayed the character of Jeremy Goodwin on Sports Night. This New York native was first seen in the Broadway production of A Few Good Men. After which, his other film and TV credits rolled in, a few of these include 1993’s In the Line of Fire, Separate Lives (shown in 1995), Sliders (1996), and as Bill Feldman in Bulworth. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Yale University and was an active member of an a cappella group.

Joshua Malina – Now

After Joseph Malina was seen on The Big Bang Theory, he later had a recurring role in the TV series Scandal. In the first season, he played the role of Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen. By season two, Malina’s character was promoted to be a regular in the series. Besides his TV work, Malina also co-hosts a podcast titled The West Wing Weekly. Debuting in 2016, the series is also hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. Most recently, Malina posted a tweet where he announces to Showrunners his need for a new job come March as the series Scandal will wrap up by then. He then details his skills: the ability to memorize dialogue quickly, he is never late, and he has his own suit.

Keith Carradine – Then

Before playing the role of Penny’s father Wyatt in The Big Bang Theory, Keith Carradine has been successful in both film, TV, and theater. Being part of an acting dynasty, as his father was actor John Carradine, Keith has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. His most notable role was as country singer Tom Frank in the Robert Altman movie Nashville. He was also memorable playing the role of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, a series shown on HBO. He also played the role of agent Frank Lundy in the series Dexter. He later became President of the United States Conrad Dalton for the series Madam Secretary.


Keith Carradine – Now

When Keith Carradine is not playing Penny’s father Wyatt on The Big Bang Theory, he is busy with his other film and TV work. Keith is set to join the drama film Old Man And The Gun along with Casey Affleck and Robert Redford. The film will be directed by David Lowery. He also continues performing his role as President Conrad Dalton in Madam Secretary as a regular cast. In 2016, he played the role of poet Emily Dickinson’s father, Edward, in the movie A Quiet Passion – a biography written and directed by Terence Davies.Besides TV and movies, he also voice acted in the video game, Hitman: Absolution, as the antagonist Blake Dexter.